/  FAQs
What location will your school be at?

Ans. Our  school  at  Mahesana   District . Ahmedabad  is nearest  Airport  and  railways  station.

Which board is this school affiliated to.?

Ans. The School   is  affiliated  to  State  Board.

When does admission process begin?

Ans. Admission  Process  generally begins in the month of Feb/March   first the children have to take the entrance exam then comes the merit list.

When should I apply?

Ans.   While some programs operate on rolling admissions, others have specific deadline dates. Please refer to the program’s homepage, along with the Deadline Dates by Program reference sheet, for the most accurate information .

What facilities does school provide?

Ans.Firstly, the school provide all  basic facilities  each students.Indoor and outdoor sports  are provided by school. We offer  good meal and Snakes.

You have hostel facilities there?

Ans. Yes,  We have good  Hostel facilities. There are neat and clean rooms.

Does this School have transport facilities?

Ans.No, Our school is residential  school.

Does the school have boarding facility?

Ans.yes, we have boarding  facility.

What is home work policy ?

Ans.The School does not believe in burdening  the child yet  some amount of homework.  Work is assigned in 2-3 subject  everyday which a child himself/herself   can  attempt.

Does the school hold PTM on regular basis?

Ans. Yes, We keep PTM twice a month.

What is average strength of classroom?

Ans. As per Gov. rule  the average  students per classroom is 1:40.

How is the staff at your school ?

Ans.We have well trained and knowledgeable  staff.