/  Infrastructure


The school, spread over a sprawling area of 300 acres , has a beautiful campus with well-laid out roads and buildings. There are more than 700 trees of different varieties in addition to a large number of fruit bearing trees, tended organically. The instructional block of the school is a two storied building with modern classrooms fully equipped with digital classrooms with e-learning modules for all the subjects. It also has spacious and well maintained laboratories for all Sciences, Computers. Maths, Social Studies and English , including an exclusive art & craft building. The school has an auditorium, eight spacious dormitories for the cadets, a Cadets’ Mess run by a modern kitchen and bakery and two open parks for children. The swimming pool of the school is very spacious and has all facilities. A vast stretch of open playfield houses  football grounds,  volleyball courts,  basketball courts and  hockey grounds. It also has a well maintained athletic track of standard dimensions. The spectator gallery on either side of the stadium entrance has enough seating capacity for visitors and parents to watch the various functions and events in the school.

Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab of the School has the computers with latest configuration. The computer lab is also equipped with Internet and Multimedia facilities.


The school has a good Reading Room cum Library. Newspapers and varieties of magazines are available for reading. It remains open on all seven days of the week. There is internet facility with unlimited broadband connection available for students and staff separately.


The school has a 35mm and 16mm Movie Projector and an LCD Projector. Entertainment films are screened for the cadets on Saturdays. Instructional films are also screened in the School.

Swimming Pool:

Swimming pool with all modern facilities . Swimming is taught as an extra-curricular activities to the cadets.

MI Room:

This school has a MI Room(hospital) with beds. A qualified nursing assistant is also attached to the MI, all the girls are subjected to have medical check ups.

Full-Fledged Gymnasium:

Health care centre is available with all facilities. Campus Shopping centre and food court Facility is also available.