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About School

Smt. Manjulaben Ganpatbhai Patel Sainik School (SMGPSS) is a high-tech, fully residential, exclusive school for girls; founded by renowned businessman with a strong vision, ShriGanpatbhai Patel and his wife Manjulaben with an aim of “Empowering the nation with Enlightened and confident women”.
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  • Established in year 1999
  • AffiliationNo: G(6)8454/54/57Dt.30/09/1999,Gandhinagar.
  • English Medium – Residential School.
  • Provides education to girl students from std- VI to std- XII (science stream).
  • The first Sainik School for girls in Gujarat state.


To educate and empower girls to make a difference in society.


Provide comprehensive education, physical fitness and confidence where by empowers girls to develop intellect and culturally enriched values to become responsible global citizens.


सर्वगुणसंपन्न – Bestow with all great qualities.

Most reputed Sainik Scool in Area.

Our Motto

School's motto of 'Educate, Empower, and Enlighten' are
the virtuous pillars that imbibe holistic development
to develop an ideal global citizens of tomorrow

EDUCATE :- Girls would lead honorable lives and hold their heads high with dignity in society.The society should look up to them as role models.

EMPOWER :- Discipline forms a bedrock of progress in every sphere of life as these girls move forward.

ENLIGHTEN:-With high moral values imparts tp them at school, they inculcate the equality of integrity, thus enriching the lives around them.